London and South Acute NHS Trusts
Patient Administration System/Electronic Patient Record Solutions

In 2005, the Department of Health established a number of nationally funded Local Service Provider contracts for PAS/EPR (Patient Administration System/Electronic Patient Record) solutions. By 2011, BT was providing a number of London and South Acute NHS Trusts with the Cerner Millennium solution under these arrangements. At this time, DH made clear that it would not provide funding beyond the contract expiry in October 2015, and therefore the trusts needed to make their own arrangements.

There were issues:

  • the trusts had little contractual knowledge of the details underpinning the service that they were receiving
  • the costs of the existing service were understood to be significantly higher than was affordable
  • individual trusts did not have the procurement expertise to move forward alone
  • suppliers would be unable to cope if approached by each trust separately

In early 2011, the Chief Executives of a number of London trusts jointly recognised the issue and commissioned Nautilus Consulting Limited to undertake a strategic options appraisal for how to manage the “2015 problem”. The objectives were threefold

The objectives were:

  • to ensure continued provision of the Clinical Information services needed to support the delivery of patient care
  • to deliver this service as cost effectively as possible
  • to provide for a solution that is ‘future proof’ – both meeting current needs and providing the ability to extend/adjust to meet the future needs of the trusts

Nautilus led the programme from start to finish:

  • Engaging at CEO and CIO level to identify options, define the strategy and develop the plan
  • Managing the joint programme to establish the framework
  • Supporting each trust through its Call Off processes
  • Supporting each trust through its Call Off processes

Nautilus remain involved following the call Off processes:

  • Providing commercial and contractual advice with respect to Contract Changes
  • Project managing transition projects and the set up of new service management arrangements