We strive to be the best in class consultancy and technology company exceeding our customers’ expectations and bringing innovative digital services to market

Our mission is to deliver strategic support and innovative technology solutions, helping healthcare organisations to attract the maximum value out of their digital investment making the complex achievable.

Healthcare Technology Consultancy


Nautilus Consulting Ltd are a Health and Social Care IT consultancy company. We provide a wide range of services, from strategy to business case to procurement to deployment, for NHS Trusts and healthcare solution suppliers.


Our Team

Our team is made up of experienced staff with technical, clinical, managerial and commercial backgrounds from the NHS and private sector. This means that we are capable of bridging the gaps between clinical users and IT solution suppliers, and engaging from shop floor to executive level.



We have built a wealth of experience and collateral from our assignments which we bring to each new project, to accelerate delivery, drive cost efficiencies and provide you with a high degree of assurance, with fewer resources and lower risk.

Why choose Nautilus Consulting?

As a supplier on the GPS GCloud 11 framework our services can be procured through this route or directly with us. We are currently working with trusts across the whole country supporting systems replacements, procurements, application development and deployments. Nautilus is able to offer flexible bespoke packages of support, dependent on your needs.

Healthcare IT Project Management

We have built a wealth of experience and collateral from our assignments which we bring to each new project, to accelerate delivery, drive cost efficiencies and provide you with a high degree of assurance, with fewer resources and lower risk.

Experienced & Knowledgeable

Providing direct relevant systems expertise, we apply healthcare knowledge always focused on delivery (not advisory or sales)

Engagement & Strategy

Quality stakeholder and supplier engagement, with deployment experience gained by being hands on, allows us to manage the bigger picture alongside attention to detail.

Results Delivered

Always straightforward and practical, we use our expertise to complement available Trust resources including a plan for knowledge transfer and exit.

Our Team

Healthcare IT Consultancy

Simon Evans

Managing Director

Simon is the founder of Nautilus Consulting specialising in supporting customers maximise the value they gain from digital health solutions. He has over 25 years in IT, with the past 10 years exclusively on healthcare, working as a trusted advisor at Board level from strategy to delivery. After holding a number of senior roles on the National Programme for IT, Simon established Nautilus to help Trusts deal with the aftermath of the programme, and learn the lessons when setting up their own contracting arrangements. He has specialised in commercial strategy, procurement and supplier management to ensure Trusts develop and maintain effective key supplier relationships. More recently, he has led integrated care records projects, from business case to roll-out.

Simon is responsible for the overall direction of Nautilus and is proud of the team that has grown and the quality of the work we produce. He lives in the south east London, with his wife, cat and grown-up children who keep coming back. When not working, he can usually be found on his bike looking for a hill to ride up.

Healthcare Technology Consultancy

Amrinder Singh


Amrinder is a Director and partner, specialising in delivery of complex EPR and EMR programmes in the health sector. He has over 15 years of experience during which he has led number of EPR deployments in NHS Trusts and also worked with the National Programme for IT in London for 5 years. More recently he has been leading an OpenSource EMR development programme for a specialist hospital. Amrinder is also responsible for Nautilus’s product roadmap which includes a real time reporting solution, Mobile Apps for clinicians and Friends Family Test App for patients.

Amrinder lives in leafy Berkshire, with his wife, has a son and is an avid cricket fan.

Electronic Patient Record

Jon Davies


Jon is a Director who specialises in assisting customers to deliver practically their digital change including making sense of the evolving IT landscape, national imperatives the rise of STPs / ICOs. He has over 15 years in healthcare and healthcare technology including 4 years on the National Programme for IT, 4 years as a CIO at two London Trusts and 2 years as a Programme Manager at HSCIC (NHSD). Jon specialises in Infrastructure, Data Migration and EHR/EPR strategy. This specialism is realised through turnaround services, business case development, procurement, programme assurance and delivery within healthcare.

Jon lives in South London, with his wife Lemeia, has a daughter and son. He will realise an ambition held since 1990 when Liverpool FC win the league (and Wales the Grand Slam and World Cup).

Healthcare IT Consultancy

Sastry Srinivasa


Sastry is a Director and experienced healthcare IT professional with 15 years experience in large project delivery.

Sastry leads development of Nautilus healthcare IT solutions, and brings his expertise in health data analytics to our 835 platform, clinical applications and large scale data migration

Outline Business Case

Paul Walsh


Paul is a Director specialising in assisting customers on their digital transformation journey strategy including business case development, procurement and programme management. He has over 25 years in healthcare and healthcare technology including 8 years working for the NHS. Paul has held senior supplier roles within the National Programme for IT including GP strategy development; PACS programme management and bid management. Paul specialises in EHR/EPR strategy, business case development, procurement, programme assurance and delivery within healthcare. Paul has authored over 20 EHR/EPR business cases including FBCs and managed delivery of 11 EHR/EPR procurements.

Paul lives in the north west, with his wife Lindsey, has three sons and is a long suffering Preston North End fan. He is also a keen, if not very good, golfer.

Healthcare Electronic Record

Kaushik Samanta


Kaushik is director specialising in end to end programme and project delivery. He has over 18 years of IT and change programme experience in healthcare , insurance, banking and spatial applications business areas for private and public sector which includes 14 years of working on NHS projects. After graduating in architecture in 1999 he worked as an architect before moving on to the IT sector. Having gained experience in IT & development with leading Indian IT consultancies, Kaushik moved to London in 2005 to work on the National Programme for IT. Kaushik is very experienced at managing multiple stakeholders including senior customer relationships, suppliers and diverse teams.

Kaushik lives in the south east with his wife. In his spare time he reads on architecture and AI, and is a very keen weekend cricketer.

Claire Strathern


Claire joined Nautilus in July and brings bags of deployment and project management experience. Responsible for overseeing multiple large and complex EPR implementations of up to 30 concurrent streams of work, Claire has a meticulous eye for detail which gives even the best of us a run for our money! That said, it is the expert navigation between 'bigger picture' thinking and this attention to detail which makes Claire a powerhouse leader, alongside her razor quick wit and ability to engage with people on all levels.