Acute EPR Collaboration Strategic Outline Case


Norfolk & Waveney STP identified digital maturity as a key enabler to delivering sustainable acute hospital services across the region.  Delivering an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system in each of the three acute Trusts was identified as the key vehicle to achieve a dramatic improvement in digital maturity.

The key challenge the STP faced was to understand the range of options to deliver EPR functionality on a collaborative basis given the differing start points for each organisation.

Nautilus Consulting was appointed to support the STP in developing a Strategic Outline Case (SOC). After a competitive tendering process where we demonstrated our significant experience in delivering similar services.


Repeatable, Customised Methodology

We shared a framework within which we provided the STP with certainty about the required inputs, process and outputs to deliver a successful engagement. This certainty was coupled with recognising the need to understand and reflect the unique circumstances of the STP, its Trusts and stakeholders within the SOC.

Bring People with Us

Based on our experience of delivering similar collaborative EPR initiatives, we identified bringing people with us as a critical success factor. Therefore the Nautilus approach focussed heavily on engaging stakeholders across the three acute trusts with the intended outcome of understanding the context, the opportunities and the challenges that a collaborative approach to EPR provision would present.

We deployed a consultant who specialises in eliciting views and perceptions from a range of stakeholder groups including clinical, informatics and management.

Understand the Costs, Risks and Benefits of each Option

The combination of the programme of stakeholder engagement, our deep market intelligence and the STP’s strategic investment objectives facilitated the identification of an options longlist that was the assessed to derive a shortlist. Nautilus then engaged the supplier market to understand the charges associated with the shortlist options and worked with the Trusts to identify detailed pay and non-pay costs and benefits.


The SOC delivered a robust basis for commencing a collaborative EPR implementation programme including:

Broad and deep stakeholder commitment to the programme and its intended outcomes

A detailed understanding of the costs, risks and benefits associated with an EPR programme of this nature and the preferred way forward

A robust basis to commence the next stage of its programme – OBC & OBS development

The approval of the SOC by the three Trust Boards within 4 months from commencement.

“Nautilus’ expertise in engaging stakeholders, depth of knowledge of the EPR market and developing an SOC that passed smoothly through governance were pivotal in taking the STP and its acute trusts to the next step on our EPR journey. We were so impressed by the quality of the work and their people that we commissioned Nautilus to support the next steps in our programme.”

Anthony Lundrigan, Norfolk and Waveney STP CIO