Cutting-edge mobile and web applications for real-time reporting, operational information and managing legacy data.

Nautilus Consulting helps healthcare providers realise the clinical and operational benefits of data-driven digital healthcare with smart solutions and support that address healthcare’s real life technology challenges.


835 Data Analytics Platform

The NHS has a rapidly increasing need for near real time information on which to base operational decision making, clinical interventions and transformation of services. However, the complexity of many Electronic Patient Record Solutions and the diversity of local Trust requirements presents challenges as users cannot easily be access their data held in the EPR or it is only available in an untimely manner.

The 835 provides near real-time access to Cerner Millennium data; it takes a near real-time feeds and provides access to both raw data and a set of consumable data Transforms which can be accessed and analysed by an organisation’s information team using their preferred analytical tools.

The value of 835 is that it makes available data which cannot otherwise be accessed and creates a platform to support new initiates and deployment of new reporting solutions such as dashboards and clinical workflow solutions which are driven by the need for real time data.


mConch Mobile Electronic Patient Record

The mConch mobile app delivers clinical data and functionality into the hands of clinicians. It allows authorised users to access patient clinical data such as pathology test results and radiology reports, images and consent forms and lowers dependency on access via terminals and COWS.

mConch provides a secure platform for clinician messaging interaction that conforms to IG standards and can be played back into the EPR for a more complete record of care.

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Clinical Viewer

The Clinical Viewer unlocks data held in disparate legacy systems.

It delivers a single, low cost of ownership platform which enables organisations to adopt an enterprise-wide approach to managing all patient based historical data. The Viewer offers a user-friendly interface which presents data in the format that clinicians are used to, and which is accessed by via a context launch facility from within the Electronic Patient Record.

The Clinical Viewer reduces costs, overheads, and cyber security risks associated with silos of unsupported systems, data databases and operating systems. During data migration projects, the Clinical Viewer can play an important role in ensuring continuity of care by providing access to data which cannot be migrated into newly deployed systems.

Pre-Assessment Portal

The Nautilus Pre-Assessment solution supports both self-assessment or nurse-led assessment with comprehensive review pathways including nurse, anaesthetist, and clinician.

It provides functionality for high volume, low-risk patients to reduce the risk of surgery cancellation, free up nursing time and capacity, and provide a more streamlined, and improved clinical experience for patients including completion of health assessments from the comfort of their own hones. The configurable on-line platform is tightly integrated with the EPR enabling management of patients from initial consultation through to the day of surgery such that it becomes a seamless part of clinical workflow with reminders to complete outstanding actions.